Egg white scramble.

Back when I was training for a triathlon, this was my go to breakfast. Every Saturday, I would swim (really early) and bike, and would come home ravenous. I wanted something warm, satisfying and healthy, good fuel for my body. I am a creature of habit and would use spinach, tomato and cheese in my scramble every Saturday but you could add turkey sausage or bacon, broccoli and different types of cheeses to switch it up. I usually use whatever cheese is in my fridge and two to three egg whites. Lately, I’ve been reading about how great egg yolks are so I’ll leave in one or two yolks (like in the pictures below) along with the egg whites. I pair this with a slice of whole wheat toast or whole wheat tortilla (again whatever I have on hand) and breakfast or lunch, is served!






Open-faced banana sandwich.

I love peanut butter and bananas and honey on toast. It’s one of my go to breakfasts, sometimes I will eat that every morning for a week. I usually use raisin bread or I add raisins to plain bread if I happen to be out of raisin bread. I always toast the bread so the peanut butter gets all melty (I know that is not a word but it describes it perfectly), it’s so good!

One afternoon I was craving that warm peanut butter/banana combo but only wanted a light snack so the open-faced banana sandwich was born. I take a banana, slice it down the middle and spread peanut butter on both sides (fyi: I only buy Smart Balance peanut butter), then I add raisins and, because I really like texture, I added some Kashi Honey Almond flax cereal. Top it off with your favorite honey (ours is from the Red Apple Darby Ranch stand in Murphys) and voila – an open-faced peanut butter banana sandwich!

20140912_114626 20140828_121532