Happy Friday.

What a week. I spent most of it, well rather all of it, feeling awful. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I loathe being sick. I thrive and order, routine and a busy schedule and I hate that being sick changes all of that – I’m working on being more flexible. I also workout four to five (sometimes six) times a week and not being able to do that, puts me in a funk. I tried to listen to my husband’s advice and actually rest but today I am done with resting! I woke up for the first time this week feeling like myself again, just in time for the weekend, hallelujah!

Every Friday at Lyla’s school is school spirit day. We finally got her t-shirt from the school and she was really excited to wear it – she is proud to be an Art Freiler star! We had a little issue getting ready this morning. We picked out her star denim skirt last night to wear with her shirt today because her school logo is a star, well she decided this morning that she did not like the skirt and wanted to wear her other star skirt. I like the denim one better and tried to convince her to wear that but in the end, I let her wear what she wanted. I’m getting better at that too 🙂 Which one do you think looks better? Its hard to tell but the skirt in the second picture has small, silver stars on it. I also love that the Lyla has a pair of converse to match her new school t-shirt. They modeled the shirt after the converse logo.

20140919_074028 20140919_075503

I haven’t run all week so I was itching to go today since I finally felt better. I recently started using the jogging stroller with Sophie and she loves it just like Lyla did. I love that, most of the time, running in the stroller puts the girls to sleep 🙂


I love that my girls get to enjoy my love of exercise with me. I really hope this gives them the foundation to love exercise like I do. Both of my parents passed that love down to me and I wish to do the same with them. Here they both are loving the jogging stroller. Lyla was just about the same age as Sophie in this collage, my sweet girls!

PicMonkey Collage

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