Fall decor

It’s Fall y’all! The holiday season is upon us and decorating my house is my absolute favorite thing to do! I should say “our” favorite thing to do because my girls love to help me. Walking around my house and seeing all the reds, oranges, leaves and pumpkins just makes me smile.

Another great thing about blogging my decor is that I have a place to reference next year when I’ll have forgotten where everything goes. So many times I take out my stuff and cannot remember at all where I put it the year prior. I know I could find a new place for everything but I’m a creature of habit, and I love tradition.

I’ll start in the kitchen. The area behind my sink has a great little ledge that is the perfect place for glass jars full of pumpkins, acorns and leaves, vases with fall foliage and pumpkin-scented candles. I think everything here is from Michaels, besides the candle, from Bath & Body Works of course.

There is another ledge in our kitchen where we keep our wine and fruit, and that’s home to one of my favorite pumpkins.

Next up is the fireplace and mantel in the family room. I really love the brick of the fireplace, it’s the perfect backdrop for pumpkins.

This is our half bath downstairs off the family room. I found the print online for free and I’m obsessed. It really completed the space.

Now off to the living room! At our old house, I used to put fall garland on the mantle but now that we have the TV there, it doesn’t really work. I wrapped the staircase with it and I absolutely love it there.

I have small pumpkins here and there in the living room, keeping it simple.

The dining room is simple as well. A burlap runner with a fall candle, and a pumpkin can vase with fall flowers.

Going upstairs, I have this lovely ceramic pumpkin on the shelving at the top of the stairs. It used to be an air freshener, you poured oil in the hole and it soaked the sticks but it’s a few years old so the oil has dried up. Still looks great as decor though!

Onto my girls rooms and their bathroom. They each have one pumpkin in their room – Sophie, a small sparkly one, and Lyla, a medium-sized velvet one. I love them both. The bathroom has fall-themed stickers for the mirror and a small case with fall flowers. We do the stickers for every holiday. They love to help put them up.

And last is the playroom, one of my favorite rooms in the house. There is a gallery wall that is princess-themed but I have one frame that I change out for holidays. Normally there is a princess subway art print but for Fall, I change it to a happy autumn print. There are two pumpkins on the mantle, one glitter and one homemade, and a shopkins pumpkin on the table, perfect for my shopkins-lovin’ girls.

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