Sophie Gray: 11 month update.

11 month update

Weight/height: Sophie got her first cold a couple weeks after Halloween. I blame it on all the excitement 😉 But we did make a trip to the doctor and I was able to get an update on her weight/height. Her height is 2′ 4.5″ and her weight is 19 lb 4 oz – she is growing beautifully!

Hair: Sophie has very fine, very light (compared to Lyla) hair, which seems like its getting longer each day. I’m debating on whether or not to cut her bangs right now because they have gotten a bit long. Honestly though, I think it looks cute and will probably not cut her hair for awhile.

Diapers: Still in size 3 Huggies Little Movers. I actually tried Pampers because I had a really good coupon but it only confirmed that I really do like Huggies better. I had way more leaks and had to change her diaper more often with the Pampers. And this is so odd to me because it was the other way around with Lyla. The Pampers also seemed way thinner than the Huggies. I think I wanted to do a little test since I was a Pampers fanatic with Lyla but I have changed – go Huggies!

Clothing: Sophie is still in size 6-12 months for dresses and t’s but 12-18 months for pants, etc. It really also depends on what brand. The sizing is all over the map and I’ve found that I base her size on what brand I am buying. BabyGap and the brands from Nordstrom and Target run pretty true to size while anything Carters, Crazy 8 or Old Navy runs a bit on the small size.

Favorite things: She finally likes her crawling Minnie toy. My mom bought her this and I thought it was the cutest thing but it sort of freaked her out at first. She would just stare at it and then get all watery-eyed and start to cry. She loves Lyla’s baby dolls so much that I can’t wait to get her one for Christmas. She loves her LeapFrog learning table and her little walker. She is really starting to get more into her toys these days.

Likes: She is still majorly obsessed with Lyla. Most days, its the first word she says when she wakes up. I have to admit that I love this. It really makes my heart happy.

Dislikes: Getting her clothes and diaper changed!!! Ugh! It really has turned into such a struggle these days.

Favorite foods: Bananas, oatmeal cereal, greek yogurt, scrambled eggs, pasta with red sauce, grilled chicken, grilled fish, mashed potatoes, rice, the list goes on. I’ve really started to incorporate more of what we eat and she is doing great with it. She also does love Earth’s Best squeezy packs (that is what we like to call them). I’ve tried a couple other brands and she seems to really loves the Earth’s Best ones.

Milestones: Sophie has two teeth! And they are growing so you can seem them a bit when she smiles, its just the cutest. She has taken her first steps. She will stand up and take one or two steps then fall down and start to crawl. It’s never more than one or two steps but she is ready to walk.

Reflections: Ahhhh it’s starting to get close to Sophie’s first birthday. Around this time, I turn into a big ball of emotions. I’m not necessarily sad but I get really emotional. I still look at her and can’t believe she is here and she is ours and that we created this little beauty. She makes us all so happy and is a true angel.

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