Our Sunday.

I know today is Tuesday and by now Sunday is becoming but a distant memory BUT I started this post and I’m going to finish it! I really want to get into a more regular blogging schedule when I find the time, here’s hoping! Anyways, back to Sunday…

All I was thinking about before bed on Saturday was my run on Sunday morning. I.love.to.run. It is my therapy and my favorite form of exercise. I’m going to devote an entire post to my love running one of these days. That is just how much I love it. And Sunday runs are that much sweeter since I get to do them ALONE. I love my babies through and through but there is nothing like running alone to get me centered and ready for a busy week. Needless to say, I was anxious to get to bed on Saturday night so I could enjoy my very rare “me” time on Sunday morning.

As I was getting ready, my hubby informed me there was an earthquake that morning! Around 3am, there was a 6.0 quake in South Napa. We did not feel a thing and we are just under two hours from Napa. We were texting with my brother who lives in L.A. asking if we were okay and watching the devastation on the news. There hasn’t been a quake that big since the Loma Prieta quake in 89. An interesting fact, the home my parents live in now was flattened in that quake (they were not living there at the time, we were still in Florida). Not sure if that is interesting or scary but when it was rebuilt they put in major earthquake protection and that fact always makes me feel better. As a native Floridian, earthquakes scare me big time. Just the thought of the earth moving and shaking is unreal to me. I have felt about five or six quakes since I have lived here and they still scare me. The worst was when I was working for Acer. Their offices were on the 15th floor in downtown San Jose and the quake made the building sway. My hubby always says they are fun, must be a California thing.

My heart goes out to Napa. It is a region that we absolutely LOVE. We got there once or more a year to wine taste and enjoy the beautiful scenery and it makes me so sad they have to go through this. We even have a little “Black Friday” wine tasting tradition we do every year and have celebrated countless birthdays, anniversaries and just amazing times there. Seeing the pictures of all the lost wine is heartbreaking. Not because we can’t drink it, although that is a bummer, but because I’m sure the winemakers who poured their heart and soul into the wine are devastated. Winemaking is such an art and I hope and pray all the people affected by this tragedy recover well.


So with a heavy heart, I got moving. This is me all sweaty and happy after a glorious three-mile run. Some runs are better than others but this one was great. Pandora played all my favorite songs to keep me moving and the weather was warm but not stifling. And my headphones were charged, yay! Most of the time, I usually forget to charge them and don’t realize it until its too late. These headphones are the jam by the way. I have tiny ears and have had an issue with getting headphones to fit my entire life but my hubby changed all that when he got me these headphones for Christmas one year. They are Bluetooth and they stay in my ear for my entire run. It is a huge pet peeve of mine to have to mess with my headphones during my run, it takes me out of the zone.


After showers and breakfast, Toys R Us was next on the agenda. Lyla received a gift card from her Uncle Jon and was desperate to use it. This little girl loves to shop (she is my mini-me after all) and this card was burning a hole in her pocket. We decided to head to the Toys R Us in Dublin since there are none in Tracy, much to my daughter’s dismay. Lyla likes to take her time and look at everything before making a decision. In the end, she ended up with a Frozen light-up castle, Frozen dress-up shoes and a Frozen charm bracelet. She was a happy girl!!


By this time, my hubby was ready to get back home, back to the Niner game and back to relaxing. We’ve been busier than ever this summer and this was one of our first weekends where we had nothing specifically planned, that is pretty rare for us. We got home, ate lunch, watched the game and relaxed, it was perfect. Soph went down for a nap so I decided to go to the grocery store. Lyla came along with me and we got some rare, mommy and Lyla quality time. It was so nice. Even though it was just a trip to the grocery store, it was still so special. I love this girl so much.


I hoped you enjoyed this look at our Sunday!!

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