Skirt and top both Calson via Nordstrom, Shoes: Isla via Nordstrom Rack. This is one of my comfy yet cute mom outfits. The tank and skirt are so soft and super comfortable. The skirt has a drawstring and zipper detail, and the tank is simple but it fits really well and has a seam down the center in the back. I love simple details like that. My style has changed so much since becoming a stay at home mom of two. I still want to look put together but I have to be comfortable. I don’t wear much jewelry these days because Sophie grabs it, pulls it and eats it and as much as I love earrings, I don’t want one pulled out of my ear. I LOVE these shoes. I tried to get a close-up of the sides because I love the double strap and the gold detail on the front gives them a little something and you cannot go wrong with leopard. I’m still working on the art of the “selfie” – I tried to get Lyla to take my picture but she wasn’t having it. 


Kindergarten picture day.

Today is picture day! Although I’m not too fond of the standard school picture (hello 80’s backgrounds!), I still get excited for picture day. This isn’t Lyla’s first experience with this since she went to preschool and pre-K but this is her first picture day in elementary school so it seemed a little more special.

We had an outfit all picked out and ready to go last night only to realize this morning that the headband that went with the outfit was left in my parents car (we went out of town with them for Labor Day), omg! Cue last minute outfit change! I’ve really been trying to be a stickler and not let Lyla change her clothes in the morning. We pick out an outfit the night before and I let her know that she cannot change her mind in the morning. She MUST wear what she picked out. This may sound harsh but I know my daughter and I know if I start to give in and let her change, we will be changing outfits all morning long and we’ll never make it to school on time. Anyways, I let it slide this morning because none of her other headbands worked with the outfit we had picked out and we both actually ended up liking the new outfit a lot better.


This is her new pose. She got it from a Barbie movie. Barbie and the Mermaid Tale 2. I love it.


I think she looked perfect for picture day. My beautiful, sweet baby girl!! I can’t wait to see how the pictures turn out, 80’s background and all.